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Portable gas stove model BDZ.180-A

  • Product Code: BDZ.180-A
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  • Portable gas stove model BDZ.180-A


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The BDZ.180-A portable gas stove is an excellent device for cooking during travel. It has a single butane-powered burner. The cooker is not only easy to use but also lightweight and compact—it fits in small spaces, e.g. in small kitchens or caravans, and can be comfortably carried. Suitable for external use, like during outdoor meetings or barbecues.

This gas stove is perfect for camping and spontaneous trips to secluded places. The butane-powered burner allows you to prepare a hot meal, including fish, pasta, or soup, or to boil water while you are on the go. The built-in pan stay and soup holder ensure safety and cleanliness when cooking, and the wind protector guarantees that even in windblast, the fire will not go out or spread. Thanks to the intuitive design, you can easily insert or replace the gas cartridge and turn the burner with the ignition knob. The small size of the stove saves space in the trunk and lets you take it anywhere.

Be sure to read the instructions provided with the device to learn about safety precautions and the correct use of the stove.

Fuel consumption: 150 g/h
Nominal heat input: 1.9 kW
Gas type: butane
Gas category: direct pressure-butane
Size: 355 × 305 × 100 mm
Weight: 1.9 kg (with equipment 2 kg)
The cartridge is not included.

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